Bridge Organizational Gaps, Forge Strong Partnerships & Deliver IT Solutions That Drive Competitive Advantage

Together we can deliver game-changing gains in productivity, collaboration and agility across the entire value chain of stakeholders, suppliers, partners and customers.

Leverage experience to accelerate sales growth and profits

  • Innovate and move quickly from generating ideas to executing and diffusing them throughout the organization
  • Unlock crucial information, expertise, and new ways of working together, wherever these qualities reside within or outside the company
  • Succeed in a competitive “flat world” of new organizational architectures; smart, orchestrated networks; and tiny firms that do not need huge capitalization to compete.
  • Become more agile, responsive, and creative as a firm

Integrate Your Business with Tech Ecosystems

Companies intending to be relevant today must learn the art of creating experiences that genuinely engage their customers.

Ready to redefine how business gets done? From knowledge gathering, to decision making, to action, optimize business execution with tailored, enterprise-scale technology solutions.

  • Get the most out of your data with Information Management & Analytics
  • Automate business decisions and processes with Smarter Process
  • Effectively manage business risks with Enterprise Analytics and Security
  • Improve customer and employee engagement with Digital Experience

Optimize Your IT for Accelerated Value

Speed to value is critical. The right experience will get you there faster with the method that is proven and balanced. Guide, design and deploy end-to-end IT processes and technologies to get your projects done efficiently and with the highest quality.

Deploy New Digital First Business Models for High Velocity Organizations

“Go faster. Save money. Do it right.” With end-to-end expertise spanning the full IT lifecycle optimize how you deliver complex technology projects and provide ongoing support.

  • Speed time to market, reduce cost, increase flexibility and expandability with Hybrid Cloud architectures
  • Streamline IT operations with DevOps
  • Ensure solutions meet quality and business objectives with Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Improve usability and maintainability of legacy applications with Application Migration & Modernization
  • Deliver reliable, cost effective support with Managed Services


The new normal is change. Some companies are finding the accelerated pace of technology change overwhelming, leading them into a state of digital culture shock. The winners not only embrace change, they thrive on it. They instigate it. They are constantly equipping employees, partners and consumers with new technology capabilities that are allowing them to have an unmatched ability to create fresh ideas, develop cutting-edge products and services, and disrupt the status quo.

To meet these challenges, keeping up with changing technology is vital. Winners in the digital age do much more than complete a technology checklist. They know their success hinges on people. Understanding changing customer needs and behaviors is, of course, hugely important. But the real deciding factor in the digital era will be the ability to evolve corporate culture. That means not simply taking advantage of emerging technologies but, critically, embracing the new business strategies that those technologies drive.

You can’t solve this challenge just by consuming more and more technology. Nor, as some fear, by replacing humans with machines. Instead, enterprises must focus on enabling people – consumers, employees and ecosystem partners – to do more with technology.

Software is now a basis for differentiation and innovation. It’s a channel to new services and revenue streams, seamless customer experiences and expansion into new markets. More than ever, your software strategy is your business strategy. The ability to roll out business capabilities continuously will be the difference between companies that stagnate and ones that evolve.

Are you ready for the high-velocity, software-driven world?

New technologies are accelerating the pace of business. But existing IT strategies lag behind. Companies need to fundamentally redefine the business of applications.

In an age where tech is grabbing the limelight, true leaders will, in fact, put people first.



Client Services

We know that committing to a new business process technology is a substantial investment for any client. Do you feel as though everything regarding IT takes too long and costs too much? Do you lack the language and instincts to make good decisions regarding IT? Is your company falling behind the competition in your use of technology?.

Implementation Services

Design and development projects today face a complex landscape of interrelated challenges, including technological feasibility, customer desirability, business viability. Clients need help to explore the process of systematic innovation in product development, business processes, and service design, with a special focus on the end-to-end design and development process, beginning with creation and ending with commercialization and ongoing product/service leadership.

Technical Services

Introduce a structured approach to design and customer analysis processes that draws on important trends that have become essential to successful innovation in today’s businesses: the digitization of all business processes; the blending of product and service into integrated solutions; considerations around the use of globally-distributed teams.

Educational Services

Guide senior executives as they attempt to leverage opportunities and overcome challenges associated with competing in the digital marketplace.

“Business success in the digital economy will rarely be a function of technology. Companies that succeed will likely distinguish themselves by working smarter.”

—Jeanne Ross, Director, MIT Center for Information
Systems Research (CISR)

Consulting Services

How to Play Well with IT When You Just Don’t Understand IT

Today’s business leaders no longer have the luxury of leaving IT to the IT department. To lead teams and leverage opportunities, it’s essential that executives cross the digital divide and embrace the role that technology now plays in their company. Client manager, as consultant, will assess and evaluate overall business process needs to ensure the system is working optimally. We can help clients leverage current technologies, optimize resources, and enhance overall user experience.

Unify communications across channels. Bridge the gap between insight and action. Open the gateway to profitable growth.

Keys for End-To-End
Client Service


Business Management
1. Strategy Development

Ability to develop a systematic long-tern action plan.


2. Business Opportunity Development

Ability to identify business opportunities and create a project plan that justifies how IT services will meet strategic objectives and outcomes.


3. Financial Management

Ability to budget, track, and allocate IT service costs to align spending with strategic objectives and improve cost transparency.


4. Reporting and Analysis

Ability to measure and communicate key performance metrics for IT services and analyze data to discover opportunities for service improvement and market growth.


Technology Management
5. Service Level Management

Ability to forecast demand for IT services, develop and maintain service level agreements with business partners, and manages service levels to support business outcomes.


6. Service Engineering and Architecture

Ability to oversee and influence technology architecture and operations to support service objectives.


7. Technology Roadmapping

Ability to map technology investments and refresh plans and retirement timeliness based on key business trends and service consumption patterns.


Relationship Management
8. Communications and Change Leadership

Ability to communicate effectively across multiple constituencies to influence service outcomes and focus on enterprise change objectives.


9. Business Relationship Management

Ability to understand and anticipate the needs and requirements of IT service consumers to ensure services contribute to business outcomes.


10. Vendor Management

Ability to effectively manage and strengthen vendor relationships to align vendor products and services with enterprise strategy and IT service objectives.

Connect with customers through coordinated efforts. Orchestrate more personalized engagements. Build customer relationships at every touch point by consistently reaching each customer with the right message at the right time, winning customer hearts and minds.


Valuable Peer Networks

Help client executives harness knowledge, political resources, and cultural understandings needed to guide successful organizational technical strategy change.

Create framework to address the change process from three perspectives: strategic, political, and cultural. Each of these perspectives provides critical insights and tools that enable clients to avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional approaches to change. Namely:

  • How to design processes to use IT better
  • How to work with IT people to make better decisions
  • How to drive transformational change throughoutthe organization

Partnerships with Business Leaders

How can you and your organization benefit from of one of the most powerful changes taking place in business today? In the 21st century, a critical factor in business success is not just how efficient organizations are, but also how intelligent they are.


Great client managers allow for wide-ranging communication at very low cost, enabling organizations to collaborate more effectively, to respond more quickly to business challenges, and to identify innovation opportunities. The value is a new culture of collaboration that will allow you and your organization to be more productive, effective, and intelligent.

IT is more than just a technology challenge. Don’t forget the people and culture. Simply understanding the vocabulary and knowing how and whom to ask IT-related questions can help non-IT managers make great strides toward organizational change.

Passion – Relationship Building & Marketing Through Sports


The overall atmosphere and the personal connection of your team to your customers, investors and partners is what binds the client to your brand. Relationship marketing through sports provides exceptionally positive client experience where a high percentage of customers feel emotionally attached to and are fans of the game, which supports long-term relationship development. Devoted customers increase profitability, reduce costs, increase purchases, generate positive word-of-mouth comments, and boost retention rates. Once relationships develop, continuously cultivating these relationships yields a competitive advantage for organizations.



The Partner’s Guide to Business Development

The manuscript not only addresses marketing from a perspective that is unique to the legal profession but also goes a step further by exploring such topics as how to handle public relations, what “thought leaders” are and how a firm can become one, and what to do when you are offered a government contract. The book helps both established and developing firms boost sales and profits by enabling them to differentiate and grow their practices, and to raise not only profitability but visibility as well. If you are a law firm looking to reach out to new markets or to expand the relationships you already have with your clients, The Partner’s Guide to Business Development can help you do just that.


Mastering Next Generation IT

By offering readers a groundbreaking analysis of virtual computing technology and its effect on business processes, the book is now the go-to reference for business owners and managers to expand their understanding and use of cloud computing. The concept of exploiting available cloud-based services and delivering those services to your customers is enormously important in determining the success of your platform. Whether using Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), authors use real companies and their strategies as an example of what makes it work, allowing the reader to make an informed decision of what will, in turn, work for them.


Denis is an author, senior eCommerce, Information Technology and Business Operations Executive with unique experience in leading growth initiatives and digital transformation changes that increase revenue, profitability and efficiency for a Fortune 500, leading Internet Retailer. Thought leader, technology expert with success implementing vast global ecommerce and ERP systems including hybrid cloud strategy that expand market penetration, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Conceptual thinker and speaker with exceptional interpersonal skills for effectively leading and mobilizing cross-functional teams.

In the words of business leaders:

“Dedicated associates are at the heart of Staples’ success, and I want to thank you for your years of service – as well as your commitment to making our company the best it can be. With talented associates like you, there’s no end to what we can achieve together. Thank you for all you do for Staples…”.

–Ron Sargent, Chairman & CEO, Staples

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